The world we work and live in continues to expand, with the growth of the Cloud, online shopping, commerce, global business, our world is expanding at speeds never seen before, and will increase as we progress the Internet of Things. We are a connected world, at work, at home and at play. Our information is everywhere – replicated, shared, tweeted, emailed, liked and saved to the cloud.

Almost everything that used to be done in-person – from shopping to banking to dating – is now done online. With every personal detail about an individual available online somewhere, it’s essential that every citizen recognizes and embraces the fact that they’re vulnerable and that they need to protect themselves.

Authomate launched the Access Granted online publication to explore the security threats facing individuals today, the way people can protect themselves from having their sensitive information being stolen, and the advanced security solutions that can not only keep their information secure, but do so easily and effectively –instilling trust and confidence.

Today’s consumers shouldn’t have to constantly worry about being dragged into the shady, dark cybercrime underworld. We hope that Access Granted will empower consumers to learn about and embrace the best practices and technologies available to help them protect themselves, and that the publication will serve as a forum to discuss the trends, technologies and topics impacting the security space today.

We also hope you find the content on the site timely, educational and engaging. We encourage you to take the time and share your thoughts as well by commenting on our articles and engaging with us via our social channels.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Access Granted Team