Credential sharing – security faux pas, or security best practice?

Credential sharing – security faux pas, or security best practice?

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If you were to ask most security professionals how they felt about credential sharing within their enterprise, chances are that most would cringe and express their extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that it most likely occurs within their own walls.

Unfortunately, credential sharing is more common than many security and IT professionals would care to admit. It’s easier, faster and helps save money when a team of people can share one login for an important system or application. Unfortunately, it also creates some serious security challenges.

When credentials are shared amongst an organization or team of employees, it becomes harder to manage and track them. If a breach occurs, it becomes harder to determine who was responsible. It also increases the chance that human error will lead to credential theft.

But even with these vulnerabilities and security concerns, some experts are starting to say that credential and password sharing can – in fact – be MORE secure than individual credentials. One of these experts is John Lloyd, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Authomate – a provider of next-generation authentication solutions.

We had the opportunity to grill John about why he thinks shared credentials are less dangerous and more beneficial than security experts admit. Here is what he had to say:

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