Cyber Security For College Students

Written By: Piyush Bhatnagar

11 Authomate Blog 11 - ImageCyber security might not feel like a real and present danger when you’re up to your  eyes in study deadlines. But taking a few moments to take your online security seriously could save you a lot of time and money later on.

Here’s our tips to keep your college life secure:

  1. Lock your devices. Use the auto lock features on your phone and computer to avoid unauthorised access. Use pin codes and passwords to unlock them.
  2. Don’t over-share. Be aware that the information you share on social media could be used against you – do you really need to tell the whole internet that there’s nobody in your house?
  3. Email secure. Make sure you don’t share your email password with anyone, including close friends or relatives. You use that email account for so much that could be compromised, so don’t make it easy.
  4. Protect your passwords. Using a password management app like Strong Pass is a good extra way to keep your account passwords secure. And it’s easy too – instead of remembering a dozen complex passwords, access all your accounts with a swipe of your smartphone.
  5. Do the updates! It may seem like a hassle, but quite often software updates contain new information about how your devices can block viruses and spyware.
  6. Shared computers and open networks. Do not share any personal information on a shared computer or shared wireless network – it is likely to be at risk.
  7. Be prepared. Take steps in case the worst should happen. Backup your data regularly, enable remote wiping of your devices and GPS tracking.

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Piyush BhatnagarPiyush is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Authomate. Piyush founded the company in 2012 to simplify online security and bring strong authentication to every aspect of life without any added complexity. His responsibilities as CTO include leading innovation, developing product vision and product development. Piyush is a seasoned technology executive, entrepreneur and consultant with experience in technology development and management. During his 25 year career prior to starting Authomate, he worked for defense, information technology, and network security companies, where he built an extensive resume managing global software teams and executing product strategy.

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