How Strong are your Passwords?

Written By: Piyush Bhatnagar

How secure are your passwords ? As technology is evolving, so are the tools available to hackers. But despite that, most people still use simple passwords for their accounts. “Why would anyone want to hack my account?”, “Ah, I don’t have anything important in that account so who cares”. Well, we all need to be more cognizant of the threat and risk of hacking and account breaches. Please make sure you use a strong password as well a a good password manager. Stay Safe!

Password breaker successfully tackles 55 character sequences

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Piyush BhatnagarPiyush is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Authomate. Piyush founded the company in 2012 to simplify online security and bring strong authentication to every aspect of life without any added complexity. His responsibilities as CTO include leading innovation, developing product vision and product development. Piyush is a seasoned technology executive, entrepreneur and consultant with experience in technology development and management. During his 25 year career prior to starting Authomate, he worked for defense, information technology, and network security companies, where he built an extensive resume managing global software teams and executing product strategy.

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