How vulnerable are we online?

Written By: Piyush Bhatnagar

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Everyone; children, teens, adults, and companies – big and small – face risks online.

Being aware of the dangers can help you to protect yourself from opportunists. Being more secure is better still. Here are some of the ways that Strong Pass can protect you from the most common risks.

1. Communicating online. Everything you share online is stored somewhere. When you consider how much personal information we share with our friends on social networks, it pays to also think about how that information could be used and how secure those accounts are. You can help yourself by taking care before sharing. Strong Pass can help by looking after your log ins, keeping your passwords secure and your data safe.

2. Shopping online is convenient and can provide you with better prices. But it’s important to be vigilant when you hand over financial information to buy. Protect your payments using a payment service of credit card rather than your debit card (this protects you better if something goes wrong). Make sure your payments are secured through https not http. And protect your passwords with Strong Pass to make sure your account information is safe.

3. Public computers. We suggest you never enter any personal information like logins or passwords on a public computer. Even if you take precautions, the machine is highly likely to be compromised on security grounds. If you have no choice, use Strong Pass to protect your passwords, erase your browsing history, make sure the browser you use doesn’t auto save passwords, check nobody is watching you and log off every program when you leave.

Vigilance and common sense is always important. But so is knowing you can stay safe with one swipe of your smartphone – putting your own security literally in your hands. With Strong Pass you can do that.

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