PODCAST: Are biometrics the best security?

PODCAST: Are biometrics the best security?

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With the inclusion of the thumbprint scanner on iPhones, it’s safe to assume that practically every American has had some interaction with biometrics.

Biometrics is a form of inherence that is rapidly gaining traction and attention as an authentication factor in the security solutions market. This is widely attributed to the ease of use and strong security that many consider key characteristics of the different kinds of biometrics – from fingerprint scanning to facial recognition.

However, there is a rising chorus of security experts that feel fingerprints and other biometric factors could be offering only the illusion of strong security.

To get some perspective on biometrics, their benefits and their shortcomings, we sat down to record a podcast with Authomate CEO, Jeff Schmidt. During our conversation, we asked Jeff why security experts are concerned with biometrics as an authentication factor, why they’re vulnerable to breach, and how we can overcome those concerns.

Here is what Jeff had to say:

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