The perils of free security software

The perils of free security software

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We’ve all seen offers in pop-up ads, app stores and download sites for free security software and solutions. And – deep down – there’s a part of us that thinks, “Free software can be just as effective.” It’s the same part of us that thinks, “I’ll never be the target of identity theft or a cyber breach.”

Unfortunately, that part of us is wrong. We can be the victim of identity theft and security breaches. And you could be opening yourself up to both if you try to save some cash on your cybersecurity.

This was the topic of a recent conversation that I had with Piyush Bhatnagar, the CTO of authentication and security solution provider, Authomate.

In our podcast conversation, Piyush explained the real reasons why users should be at least skeptical – and at most, fearful – of free security solutions, and why you ultimately get what you pay for when it comes to security and authentication software.

Here is what Piyush had to say:

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