The Anthem breach, how stolen credentials led to the compromise of 80M member accounts

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On July 22, 2015, Authomate CEO Jeff Schmidt and Savanture CEO Doug Howard recorded a Webinar with Access Granted’s executive editor – Ryan Schradin – where they discussed five recent, high-profile data breaches. During the event, the panelists discussed how these breaches occurred, what was compromised, what lessons enterprises should learn from the attacks and how the damage from each attack could have been mitigated.

The online event, which was the first in an ongoing series of security and authentication-focused Webinars, was entitled, “Anatomy of a Breach.”

Click HERE to watch the replay of the “Anatomy of a Breach” Webinar (registration required)
One of the breaches that the panelists analyzed was the attack that impacted health insurance giant, Anthem.

This breach occurred in February of 2015 and exposed a laundry list of personally identifiable information about tens of thousands of Anthem customers, including, “names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, health care ID numbers, home addresses, email addresses, (and) employment information, including income data.”

Here is a video from the Webinar which includes Jeff, Doug and Ryan discussing the Anthem breach, how it occurred, what was compromised and what organizational changes could have been taken to either prevent the attack or minimize its impact:

To watch the, “Anatomy of a Breach,” Webinar – which dives deep into the breaches that impacted Anthem, JPMorgan Chase, OPM, Starbucks and DropBox – in its entirety, click HERE (registration required).


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