Authomate Inc. Releases StrongPass Personal to General Public

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Authomate is proud to announce the release of StrongPass Personal, which provides a simplified way for users to securely gain access to all of their online accounts.  With StrongPass Personal, we are solving for one of the most complex challenges in the security paradigm: how to provide a positive user experience so that embracing superior security no longer requires the sacrificing of convenience. Authomate leverages the users’ smartphone to gain access to their digital world, allowing them to access to their favorite websites, while mitigating perilous malware and key logger attacks on users’ credentials. “We are excited to bring this technology to the general public, which provides a long awaited answer to the challenge of how to protect people’s valuable credentials, while creating an experience that people actually enjoy because of the convenience,” said Jeff Schmidt, CEO of Authomate Inc.

StrongPass enables0x0ss end users to manage and use all of their credentials easily via the intuitive app. This application strengthens all the users’ passwords, and mitigates all authentication security vulnerabilities that hackers take advantage of daily through an elegant interface on which information and passwords can be securely stored. “Your credentials are strongly encrypted and stored on your smart phone, and most importantly, no one else can access your data, even if you lose your phone”, reports Piyush Bhatnagar, founder and CTO of Authomate Inc. “Our passion is to think well beyond the status quo and to actually give users peace of mind, since they will know that all of their credentials are protected and their identities are intact and secure on their mobile device. Security and convenience should not have to be compromised.”

Authomate Inc. has a team of individuals with decades of security, infrastructure, defense, and intelligence experience behind it. This accomplished team is determined to build an authentication platform that relies less on static information like passwords, and more on building a dynamic and stateful reputation of the user; ensuring the user gains stronger security and at the same time greater convenience

The StrongPass Personal is now available at both the Android Play Store and IOS Apple Store. Learn more at



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