PODCAST: Big game phishing – how to avoid being the catch of the day

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We’ve all been the target of a phishing scam – even if it was as easy to spot and weak as the now laughable, “Nigerian prince scam,” that has been frequently lampooned in popular TV shows and movies.

Unfortunately, not all phishing scams are as easy to detect and avoid as those. But, regardless of how sophisticated the phishing attack, they all have the same end goal – to acquire credentials and gain access to accounts for personal gain. Although these attacks can be – and frequently are – targeted towards individuals, they can be intended to deceive individuals to gain credentials that enable them to access enterprise networks with sensitive information.

To learn more about phishing scams, how they’re perpetrated and what individuals and enterprises can do to help protect themselves, we sat down with Jeff Schmidt, the CEO of Authomate. During our podcast, Jeff discussed the different kinds of phishing scams, the role of education in fighting these scams, and what technologies are on the market that can help mitigate the damage should someone fall victim to phishing.

Here is what Jeff had to say:

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