The seven myths of cybersecurity: I’m not at risk

Written By: Piyush Bhatnagar

Many people struggle to change their behaviors and act in ways that are safer, healthier or more beneficial for them. It’s why New Years Resolutions are so popular…and so quickly forgotten.

When asked why they eat unhealthy food despite the risk of heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, people will say, “Those things won’t happen to me.” When they continue to smoke or drink despite the known health risks, people will swear that the negative side effects that have impacted countless others will somehow, miraculously, pass other them.

They do the same thing with cyber security and cyber hygiene. People reuse passwords, they use simple passwords and they shun multifactor authentication because it’s difficult, and because identify theft, cyber breaches and other dangers wouldn’t happen to them. They choose convenience and ease-of-use because they have a false sense of security.

Unfortunately, the concept that any individual or enterprise is not at risk is just another one of the cybersecurity myths that many people accept as fact. And it’s also the next myth we chose to explore in our, “Seven Myths of Cybersecurity,” infographic series.

In the first infographic, we looked at the common misconception that frequent password changes and strong password requirements are enough to keep you safe. In our second infographic, we explored the myth that strong, complex passwords are virtually unbreakable and can be used to secure all accounts. In our next infographic, we explore why you’re at risk, even if you don’t choose to believe it:

Stay tuned for the rest of our cybersecurity myth infographic series on Access Granted in the coming weeks! And, if you want to hear more about some recent, high profile breaches and what security lessons enterprises can learn from them, download the replay of our recent Access Granted Webinar, “Anatomy of a Breach.”

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