The Seven Myths of Cybersecurity: You don’t have to be a Detective to Spot a Phishing Attack

Written By: Piyush Bhatnagar

Despite the nearly constant stream of new cyber breaches and security threats in the news, many people continue to eschew good cyber hygiene in favor of convenience and ease of use.

Many times, this can be attributed to users thinking they’re not the ideal target for a cyber attack, and that it could never happen to them. Some, on the other hand, think they’re too smart, sophisticated or aware to be caught up in the schemes of hackers and other bad actors. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Thinking that you’re going to outfox hackers, phishing attacks and other cyber threats is the equivalent of playing a dangerous game of chicken with your personal information. And it’s also the next myth we chose to explore in our, “Seven Myths of Cybersecurity,” infographic series.

In our first infographic, we looked at the common misconception that frequent password changes and strong password requirements are enough to keep you safe. In our second infographic, we explored the myth that strong, complex passwords are virtually unbreakable and can be used to secure all accounts. In the third infographic, we explored why you’re at risk, even if you don’t choose to believe it. Now, we explore why you’re not too good to fall victim to a phisher-man:

Myth 4.1

Stay tuned for the rest of our seven cybersecurity myths infographics on Access Granted in the coming weeks!

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